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Bowman served at sea for five years aboard many aircraft carriers.

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Matt Bowman, U.S. Navy (Retired), is a native of Walterboro, SC. He is the child of an Army officer and attended eight schools in 11 countries/states, including Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology. He left high school early to attend college. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

He went to Aviation Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as an Ensign. He went to flight school in Pensacola, FL, graduating at the top of his class in Primary Flight School and was selected for the Tactical Jet Pipeline. He was winged as a Naval Flight Officer in 1994 and received an assignment as an Electronic Countermeasures Officer flying the EA6B aircraft in Whidbey Island, Washington.

LCDR Bowman served at sea for five years aboard many aircraft carriers. He served ashore at the US Southern Command as a counter-drug subject matter expert (Andean Ridge, Tri-Border Region, Narco-terrorism), where he conducted operations in various South American countries. He also has extensive experience in human capital management, serving in Washington, D.C., at the Navy Headquarters as the Acting Director of Diversity for the U.S. Navy. He was responsible for diversity policy affecting 338,000 active-duty sailors, 175,000 reservists, and civilians to build the nation’s STEM capacity.

He owns wineries in South Carolina and Florida. LCDR Bowman is married to Dr. Crystal Bowman and is the proud father of three children.

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